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Keyboard Shortcuts using JQuery

Again it is very simple, looks you to feel like a magician if you are done. Just follow the steps :- Download the shortcut.js file and include it in your layout or view file <%= javascript_include_tag ‘shortcut’ %> Then, add the following lines in the layout or view file where you want the keyboard… Continue reading Keyboard Shortcuts using JQuery


Database Backup (only particular tables) – MYSQL

How do you take a database backup for only particular tables, that too dynamically… Say i have tables like map1, map2, map3, ….. map1000. How do you write a query? Don’t worry it’s very simple :) Just follow the below command mysql test_v382_development -u root -proot -e ‘show tables like “map%”‘ | grep -v Tables_in|… Continue reading Database Backup (only particular tables) – MYSQL